Alejandro Blasi
Graphic artist and designer specialized in album covers, logos and graphic design for musicians
Mallorca Island, Spain
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To whom it may interest

My name is Alejandro Blasi. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1968 an I have lived in Mallorca Island, Spain, since 1999. From here, I do artworks and designs works for bands all over the world..


My inspiration comes from dreams, of what we feel but we don´t know how to define. I imagine art as a window to other universes, a way to describe other possible realities. I don´t consider myself as an artist in the usual sense of the word, I think I look like an inventor. As long as I can remember, I haven been devoted to invent. In this process, fantastic literature in all its aspects and science fiction and horror films, my favourites, helped me a lot. In other words, my main capital is my imagination. I imagine and then reflect into images what I have imagined. Nothing new, this is what men have been doing since time began. And this is what I have done all my life, even without being aware of it.


One day, I understood that among the bands of certain musical types there was room for my art. These bands need an illustrator to reflect their aesthetics proposal, which in general has a very important fantastic element. And here I am to do the work I love. It is a greater pleasure to work with a band, with the passion and the excitement of its members, than painting pictures, which tends to be a more solitary activity. Seeing one of my works in a album cover, I mean enhancing the work of another artist, is more stimulating than painting a picture, which, once it has been sold, it ends in the living room of a lady next to the cage of a bird (with all my respects to the ladies and the birds of course).


My teachers

I studied drawing with Alberto Breccia (“El Viejo”), painting with Magdalena Beccarini and Visual Communication at the University of Belgrano (Argentina). I feel that I owe a lot to Ana Monoff, my art teacher at secondary school, to Adrián Bojko and to Esteban Bongiovanni, art teacher in the neighbourhood where I lived.

My heartfelt gratitude to all of them.


1992 – Mention – 2nd Plastic Art Biennial. Morón University. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1997 – Mention – Small Format Salon. S.A.A.P. Argentinian Plastic Artists Society. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1998 – Creativity Prize – IV Art On Paper National Salon. CEARCO. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1998 – 4th Prize – VII French Alliance National Salon. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1998 – Mention – 3rd Myths, Symbols and Legends National Salon. Yukio Mishima Cultural Center. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1999 – Mention – 5th Small Format Buenos Aires Salon. French Alliance. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2000 – 2nd Prize – VI Buenos Aires Salon. Roberto Martín’s Contemporary Art Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2008 – 1st Prize / Mallorca Fantástica, Fantasy & Sci-Fi National Festival of the Balearic Islands. Mallorca, Spain.

2022 – 2nd. Prize / Concurso de Relatos de Ciencia Ficción “Historias del futuro”. Zenda Libros.

Individual exhibitions

1994 – Sociedad Central de Arquitectos (Buenos Aires, Argentina).
1995 – Fundación Andreani (Buenos Aires, Argentina).
1995 – Fundación Banco Cooperativo de Caseros (Buenos Aires, Argentina).
1996 – Banco Mayo (Buenos Aires, Argentina).
2002 – Portal Nou, Art Gallery (Manacor, Mallorca).
2004 – Centro Cultural Caleidoscopio (Madrid, España).
2004 – Centro Cultural Ca N’Oms (Petra, Mallorca).
2005 – Racó 98 Art Gallery (Sóller, Mallorca).
2007 – Sacma Art Gallery (Manacor, Mallorca).

Group exhibitions

1992 – Centro Cultural Recoleta (Buenos Aires, Argentina).
1995 – Salón de Otoño / S.A.A.P. Sociedad Argentina de Artistas Plásticos (Buenos Aires, Argentina).
1996 – LXXXV Salón Nacional de Artes Plásticas (Rosario, Argentina).
1996 – 4º Bienal de Artes Plásticas / Universidad de Morón (Buenos Aires, Argentina).
1997 – XCVI Subasta Internacional / Roldán & Cía. (Buenos Aires, Argentina).
1997 – Megaevento “Buenos Aires No Duerme” / Centro Municipal de Exposiciones (Buenos Aires, Argentina).
1998 – Salón de Otoño / S.A.A.P. Sociedad Argentina de Artistas Plásticos. Biblioteca Nacional Argentina (Buenos Aires, Argentina).
1998 – LXXXVII Salón Nacional de Dibujo y Grabado / Salas Nacionales, Palais de Glace (Buenos Aires, Argentina).
1999 – LXXXVIII Salón Nacional de Artes Plásticas (La Plata, Argentina).
1999 – 4º Salón Mercosur / Galería de Arte Volpe Stessens (Buenos Aires, Argentina).
2002 – Mac 21 / Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo (Marbella, Spain).
2003 – XIX Concurso de Pintura “Villa de Andratx” / Ayuntamiento de Andratx (Andratx, Mallorca).
2003 – Centro Cultural Ca N’Oms (Petra, Mallorca).
2003 – Mac 21 / Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo (Marbella, Spain).
2003 – Casa de Artes “La Galería” (Cas Concos, Mallorca).
2004 – Artesantander (Santander, Spain).
2004 – Interart, Feria Valencia (Valencia, Spain).
2004 – Quàsars, Art Gallery (Manacor, Mallorca).
2005 – Arte Sevilla, VII Feria de Arte Contemporáneo (Sevilla, Spain).
2005 – XVII Certamen de Pintura de Son Carrió (Son Carrió, Mallorca).
2005 – Artesantander (Santander, Spain).
2006 – XXII Concurso de Pintura “Villa de Andratx” / Ayuntamiento de Andratx (Andratx, Mallorca).
2006 – Sacma, Art Gallery (Manacor, Mallorca).
2007 – Quàsars, Art Gallery (Manacor, Mallorca).
2008 – Centro Cultural de la Misericordia (Palma, Mallorca).
2017 – HR Giger Museum (Gruyères, Switzerland).
2023 – Exhibition tribute to Hieronymus Bosch / Güterhalen (Solingen, Germany).