Alejandro Blasi
Graphic artist and designer specialized in album covers, logos and graphic design for musicians
Mallorca Island, Spain
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What kinds of bands do I work with?

I´m very eclectic regarding my likes, I tend to listen to all kinds of music and it’s a pleasure to work for all kinds of bands. I can work on designs either for extreme metal bands or tango orchestras, for example, and both of them are made with passion and respect for the artist I work for and his work.

How is the creative process of a project?

In all cases, it is essential to gather all the information the band can give me (images, lyrics, musical style, preferred aesthetics, colours, etc). Besides this, I should know either if there is a standard, guideline or concept I have to keep to, or if I am free to develop my own ideas, Many times the final result is a mixture between the initial idea given by the band and the ideas I develop during the process. Some others, the initial idea is mine and I shape it according to my view. And others, the band has a clear idea of what they want before I start working on it. Any of these three working methodologies is valid and I feel at ease with the three of them.

Which are my payment options?

Basically I use four forms of payment: bank transfer, PayPal, Western Union or MoneyGram. Depending on the country where you live it is more convenient to use one or another. I charge 35% at the beginning of the work and the 65% at the end.

What techniques do I use?

I like experimenting with different means and techniques, depending on the characteristics of the project and the idea this has to transmit. I can use either traditional and organic means, such as drawing, painting and collage, or digital ones such as photography, 3 D and editing images and vector drawing software. In general, my works are the result of the mixture between these two opposite sides which are, at the same time, complementary.

How long does it take me to finish a work and what is its price?

It is not easy to answer this question beforehand. The time to finish a project depends on many things, mainly the complexity of the work the band wants me to do, if I have to design only the cover or if it is all the artwork. I mean, it’s impossible to know how long it will take me to finish a work before knowing exactly what it is about. I might tell that it could take me two weeks or a month, but let’s talk about it first, tell me what you need and then I can draw up a budget and tell you a delivery date.