Alejandro Blasi
Graphic artist and designer specialized in album covers, logos and graphic design for musicians
Mallorca Island, Spain
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In a few words...

I turn your music into images.

Talking my head off...

For a band, despite its style, the image is very important because it gives us the first signs about what we can expect from its music. In a world in which the amount of information we receive makes us choose what it deserves, or not, our attention, a powerful image can be the difference between what makes us stand out from the rest or not to be noticed. We only have one second, (or less) to catch the attention of potential listeners, and the tool to achieve this in a world where visual images have become more important every day, it is an image the defines decisively the aesthetics proposal of the band. As an artist and musician, I have found in the visual aspect of music the way to join these two worlds which I love.

My work includes:

– Covers for CD, DVD, books, etc.
– Covers for albums and singles for Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, etc.
– Graphic design.
– Artworks.
– Logos design.
– Images for Social Media.
– Images for Youtube channels.
– Merchandising.
– Flyers and posters design.